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How Much Will It Cost to Register My Trademark? – Part Three

The most common question I hear from potential clients is, “How much will it cost to register my trademark?” Since there are many variables that come into play when registering a trademark, there is no set answer. In previous posts, I covered several issues that need to be considered, including current use, the type of trademark, where you will do business, and where you want to file your trademark application. In the final post of […]

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Believe It Is Possible!

I was honored to be the keynote speaker at a naturalization ceremony in October. Our newest citizens were a diverse group of men and women from 22 countries who believed it was possible and undertook remarkable journeys to become U.S. citizens. Speaking to new citizens always reminds me that immigrants are the backbone upon which our country was built. Immigrants, like my clients, my parents, my staff, and I, come to this country looking for […]

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Immigration Attorney Giselle Carson Keynote Speaker at Naturalization Ceremony.

Marks Gray Shareholder Giselle Carson was the keynote speaker at the Naturalization Ceremony presided by Judge Corrigan in Jacksonville, Florida. Born in Cuba, escaped to Canada and later immigrated to the U.S., Ms. Carson personally understands the challenges and, ultimately, the joy of becoming an U.S. citizen. Ms. Carson shared, “Our newest citizens are a diverse group of men and women from 22 countries who undertook remarkable journeys to become U.S. citizens.” She continues, “Immigrants, […]

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Marks Gray, P.A. Of Counsel, Robert C. Gobelman Retires

With admiration and appreciation for nearly six decades of service, Marks Gray, P.A. announces the retirement of attorney Robert C. Gobelman from the Florida Bar. Mr. Gobelman joined Marks Gray, P.A. in 2011, along with other members of the firm, Gobelman, Love, Wasilenko, and Kendall. Mr. Gobelman officially retired from practicing law on October 27, 2017. A longtime resident of Jacksonville, Mr. Gobelman has had a distinguished career defending complex litigation in state and federal […]

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Are You in Control of Your Life Choices?

It is a common misconception that only the very wealthy need an estate plan. But the reality is most people can benefit from one. It puts you in control of what happens not only after death, but also during your life if you become incapacitated. With an Estate Plan You choose who acts on your behalf when you are unable You make decisions regarding life support You choose who makes medical decisions You choose how […]

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Should the Press and the Public Be Shut Out during Times of Crisis?

During times of crisis, it is easy to understand why emergency management personnel want to control the message. They may have specific, urgent information to get out. They may want to minimize panic. But is shutting out the press and the public the best way to do that? That is exactly what happened during Hurricane Irma. The press was admitted into a small room in the Florida Emergency Operations Center with a glass wall. The […]

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