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Limited Window of Opportunity to File for 7 month STEM OPT Extension Under Revised Rule

Foreign students currently on STEM OPT may apply for an additional seven months to benefit from the new 24-month period of STEM OPT rule.    But, the time frame to apply is limited.   According to the latest USCIS update, applicants must submit required paperwork to request the extension between May 10 – August 8, 2016. To qualify for this seven-month extension, students must have at least 150 calendar days remaining before the end of the […]

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USCIS Reaches FY 2017 H-1B Cap

As of April 7, 2016 USCIS  reached the congressionally mandated H-1B cap for the fiscal year (FY) 2017. They received more than 20,000 H-1B petitions filed under the US advanced degree exemption and more than the 65,000 for the regular cap filings.  USCIS will use a computer-generated lottery to select the petitions that will proceed to adjudication.   Any unselected 20,000 U.S. advanced degree petitions will be entered into the lottery for the 65,000 regular cap filings. […]

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How Will New Cap-Subject H-1B Petitions be Selected?

USCIS expects to receive more than 85,000 new cap-subject H-1Bs petitions during the first 5 business days in April.  This will result in a random lottery of the petitions received. First the master’s and then the regular cap. If there are more than 20,000 “master’s cap” petitions filed, USCIS will conduct a random computer selection from those petitions for the 20,000 exemptions. Any petitions not selected for the master’s cap will then be included in the […]

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How do I prepare for my H-1B filing?

The demand for cap-subject H-1Bs is again expected to be high in 2017. Therefore, it is imperative that employers, employees, and their immigration counsel start petition preparations early. Establishing job descriptions, salary, O*Net codes, DOL registration, posting required notices, and credential verification are only a few of the details that must be considered during preparation. What is the H-1B visa? The H-1B visa classification is designed for foreign workers who will be employed in a […]

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