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Best Life Tips: It’s Never Too Late To Start

Have you ever considered endurance training but thought you were too old to start? Well, close down your computer and lace up your running shoes. Research states that a person who engages in intensive endurance training receives benefits of the heart even if the training started relatively late in life. Click here to read more.

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FAQ: Traveling with a Pending AOS Application

Q: Can I travel outside the United States if I have a Form I-485, adjustment of status, application pending? A. Typically, the answer is no. If you depart the U.S. with a pending Form I-485, your adjustment application can be considered abandoned. However, you might be able to travel abroad if you have applied for and received an approved advanced paroled (AP) document from USCIS.  It typically takes 90 days from filing to receive the AP […]

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July Visa Bulletin is Released

The employment-based, second preference category for India jumped forward from November 15, 2004, to September 1, 2008. There also is forward movement in most other categories. Click here to read the entire bulletin.

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TPS Re-Registration Period for Haitians Extended

USCIS has extended the re-registration deadline to July 22, 2014 for Haitian nationals who have already been granted temporary protected status (TPS) and seek to maintain that status for an additional 18 months. USCIS strongly encourages Haitian TPS beneficiaries to apply as soon as possible. For additional information, please click here.

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L-1 Visa Site Visits

USCIS’ Fraud Detection and National Security (FDNS)  unit is expanding and will soon begin L-1A site inspections. In FY2011, FDNS performed about 17,000 site visits primarily involving R-1 and H-1B work sites. These inspections were a result from perceived program abuse. The visits are random and unannounced pre and post-adjudication to verify information contained in the petition such as: does the business exist, is it viable, does the petitioner know about the filing of the petition, and […]

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DACA Renewal Update

A renewal process for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) has started and DACA holders should consider their re-eligibility and if applicable, plan to reapply to continue to obtain protection from deportation, maintain work authorization, and be eligible to obtain a driver’s license. A renewal request should be submitted about 120 days before the current period of deferred action will expire. To obtain more information of DACA renewals, please click here.

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