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Just released….updated E-Verify interface with useful changes!

This weekend USCIS unveiled an updated version of E-Verify. The new interface will allow employers to enter a greater variety of US Passport and Visa numbers; to include future hire dates; and to select List B and C documents more efficiently. Let me know how the new changes works for you. Click the link below for more info. USCIS – E-Verify

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USCIS educates public on immigration scams!

USCIS  has introduced a proactive initiative to help educate individuals on how to avoid scams in the immigration law community. All too often those in need of advice and legal assistance seek the help of so called “experts” who are not licensed to practice law, and those individuals in turn suffer heavy consequences. From deportation, to unnecessary fees and processing delays, the pitfalls of these scams are devastating. USCIS has included online educational resources to help recognize these scams and how […]

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Registration has begun for Haitians with TPS

Haitians who have TPS must re-register  from May 23, 2011 to Aug. 22, 2011.  TPS beneficiaries are encouraged to file for re-registration as soon as  possible to expedite processing.   All  of those registering for the first time or re-registering for TPS must file a Form I-821 and a Form I-765, with any required fees or a fee waiver request.    Failure to submit the required application and biometric fees or a properly documented fee waiver request will result in the rejection of the TPS […]

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USCIS I-9 Central Tool

 Useful I-9 resources for employers! – USCIS has launched a new (and free!) online resource center called “I-9 Central” to help employers navigate the ins and outs of the most frequently downloaded (and possibly most complicated) form on, the I-9, Employee Eligibility Verification form. The tool includes a step-by-step of how to complete the form, common mistakes, FAQs and customer support. Click the attached link to see I-9 Central. I-9 Central

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No More Lost Green Cards with Secure Mail Initiative

 No more lost “green cards”! – USCIS announced that it has implemented a Secure Mail Initiative (SMI) in partnership with the US Postal Service. The program allows USCIS customers to track certain permanent resident and employment authorization documents through the mail with the help of Priority Mail and Delivery Confirmation so that all documents are ensured to arrive in a safe, secure and timely manner. Click the attached link to read the press release. USCIS

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Georgia Takes on More Immigration Regulation

Georgia lawmakers have passed an immigration bill that would allow law enforcement to request information about suspects’ immigration status; requires private employers ( those with more than 10 employees) to use E-Verify; and places new burdens on state agencies and local government to ensure compliance. The bill is already facing criticism from President Obama and Georgia’s business and immigrant community. To read the bill, see the link below. GA HB 87

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