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New Consular Fees for Immigrant Visas and Passports

Following an increase in consular fees for non-immigrant visa applications, the Department of State recently announced changes in fees for immigrant visa applications as well as passport services for U.S. citizens. As before, the new fees will help to cover the true cost of processing visa and passport applications and the operating costs for consular posts overseas, domestic passport agencies and other service centers. The prior fee for immigrant visa applications was $355.  The new […]

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Immigration Reform Update

Over the last few months, immigration reform has become a topic of serious debate across the United States.  While immigration reform has been a hot button issue for some time, the passage of Arizona’s immigration law, scheduled to go into effect July 29, has split American opinion and raised the debate to a greater level. By the end of July, at least six lawsuits will have been filed against the state of Arizona, challenging the […]

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President Obama on Immigration Reform

President Obama’s recent speech on immigration reform called for bipartisan cooperation in overhauling the current immigration system.  He re-stated the need for comprehensive reform and outlined a plan including:  Stronger border security, Stronger interior enforcement, Clearing the backlog of those awaiting approval of their visa applications, and Earned path to legalization.   Although the demand for immigration reform is high, the earliest we expect to see a comprehensive plan introduced in Congress is 2011.  Check back […]

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Florida Law Enforcement Now Using DHS Fingerprint Database

U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) are sharing a new fingerprint database to identify foreign nationals, documented or otherwise, taken into custody in Florida.  Previously, fingerprints taken from arrestees were only compared against the Department of Justice’s fingerprint database. The program allows local authorities to better identify foreign nationals who have been arrested and if they are deportable under immigration laws.  ICE receives this information and evaluates […]

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Department of Justice Files Suit Against Arizona Immigration Law

Citing violations of the Constitution’s Supremacy Clause (which prohibits states from interfering with the federal government’s authority to set national policy), the Department of Justice has filed suit to challenge the state of Arizona’s immigration law, SB 1070. In a statement dated July 6th, the DOJ says that the law “will place significant burdens on federal agencies, diverting their resources away from high-priority targets,” and “will also result in the harassment and detention of foreign visitors […]

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July 4th Weekend Welcomes New American Citizens

For many, the recent 4th of July holiday meant a time to celebrate with family and friends over hot dogs and fireworks displays.  For another group of people, the weekend was a time to celebrate their new status as naturalized U.S. citizens. Beginning July 1st, in more than 55 ceremonies across the nation, 3,800 individuals were sworn in as American citizens.  The ceremonies are part of a weeklong celebration, hosted by the USCIS, celebrating the […]

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