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The Bold Business of Bold City

“Managing a business through a pandemic is not for sissies.” That is what Susan Miller with Bold City Brewery told me when I interviewed her for this article. Susan and her son, Brian Miller, started Bold City Brewery in 2008 during the recession. They survived that economic downturn and built a successful family business brewing beer and distributing it throughout Florida. Over time, they developed a strong brand and registered the trademarks for several of […]

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What You Need to Know about Getting Someone’s Trademark Canceled

Is it possible to cancel a U.S. trademark registration owned by someone else?   Yes. But there are rules and procedures that guide the process. Namely, you have to file a petition to cancel. Petitions to Cancel are filed with the U.S. Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB), an administrative body responsible for hearing and deciding different types of trademark disputes.   Why would anyone want to cancel a trademark registration owned by another entity or individual? […]

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Words Have Power, So BOLDLYWRITE!

Communication via the written word is a talent that many people attempt to master. Maybe you dream of writing a novel but do not have any idea how to start. Or you have a blog that you are struggling to maintain. However you’re struggling with writing, you might consider talking to writing coach Karina Cadora at Karina Cadora Teaches, LLC. Karina is a writing coach and editor with over 20 years of experience teaching writing […]

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State University of New York Sues Former Students for Using Trademark

It is no secret that universities have become big brands doing even bigger business. You are also probably not surprised to hear that alumni pride for nearly every well-known university is just as big.  But SUNY’s lawsuit against two former students is an illustration of when alumni pride may just cross the line.  SUNY Gives Alumni Business a Crash Course on Trademark Infringement Two SUNY alums have been doing business as Triple O Entertainment for […]

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Consumer Surveys in Trademark Infringement Cases

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending the Defense Research Institute (DRI) Intellectual Property Litigation seminar in Austin, Texas. During the course of the seminar, I had the opportunity to talk with an expert in consumer surveys for trademark infringement cases. Cynthia Cohen, Ph.D. with Verdict Success explained that pilot consumer surveys can often be used early in a case to help gauge whether there is likelihood of confusion among consumers with a client’s […]

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Tips for Business Owners: Develop a Trademark Enforcement Plan

You have invested time, money, and resources into the development and registration of arguably one of your company’s most valuable assets – its trademarks. The next step is developing a trademark enforcement plan to actively protect the trademarks. Although the idea may seem daunting, the core of a trademark enforcement plan boils down to three simple steps: monitor the markets in which your trademarks are used (e.g., restaurant services, clothing, toys, computers), consult an intellectual […]

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