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CBP Provides Summer Travel Tips

Tickets to the 2012 Olympic games in London, check. Flight arrangements confirmed, check. Hotel booked, check. Bags are packed, check. What else do you need for a speedy and safe travel abroad this summer? Whether you are attending the Olympic games or vacationing internationally you want to be certain you have all your documents in order. The CBP has provided a travel checklist for all international travelers to remind them of the documentation required to travel […]

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Want Expedited Airport Clearance?

The Global Entry program allows expedited clearance for pre-approved, low-risk travelers upon arrival in the U.S.  Participants may enter the U.S. by using automated kiosks at selected airports.  The program is currently available in some two dozen major U.S. airports and all eight preclearance airports in Canada.  More than 270,000 people have enrolled and have used the process nearly 2 million times. To read more about Global Entry and to see participating airports, click here.

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Early Planning Needed for London’s Filing

The summer months are usually very busy at any U.S. embassy or consulate, and this summer the London Embassy’s operations will certainly be busy because of the 2012 Summer Olympics.  The U.S. Embassy in London issued a notification advising that visa services will be limited during July and August for all nonimmigrant visa categories. The embassy encourages applicants “to apply for visas during the spring and early summer as appointment availability cannot be guaranteed.” They […]

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Travel Tips For Foreign Nationals – Tip #2

Start your visa application early – If you need to obtain a visa at a post abroad, plan ahead.  Most consulates are very busy during the summer and holidays, and appointments may not be available on short notice.  Visit and familiarize yourself with the procedures of the post including documentation requirements.  You can learn about visa wait and processing times at the State Department’s Travel Information website. Please note that these times are only […]

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Travel Tips For Foreign Nationals – Tip #1

For many foreign nationals living and working in the United States, the summer is a popular time to travel back to their native countries and renew their visa paperwork.  For these individuals, gaining entry back into the U.S. is growing more and more challenging as the process to attaining an approved visa application is becoming more complicated and the wait times are increasing.  Given the increasing difficulty, foreign nationals should be prepared for their current […]

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Summer Travel Tips, Tip #5

Don’t Become a Victim Take precautions to keep yourself from becoming a victim of crime overseas.  Don’t wear expensive jewelry or carry large amounts of cash.  Make ground transportation arrangements prior to your departure through your hotel’s concierge or an official kiosk at the airport.  Carry money and personal documentation, like your plane tickets and passports, close to your person.  Purses and wallets are easy targets for criminals. Never leave your baggage unattended in public […]

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