How Long Should Employers Retain Their Immigration Records?

Your filing cabinet is overflowing. Boxes are taking over your workspace. And you’re left wondering, “Do I really need to keep all this stuff?”

As an HR professional, an important part of your job is ensuring compliance with business immigration laws. This means:

  • Keeping immigration records for current and former employees who are foreign nationals working in the US
  • Ensuring files are accessible at either the principal place of business or the worksite
  • Storing immigration records separately from personnel files

It’s also important to know when to get rid of your files – and not just because your storage is maxed out. Due to the increasing number of government audits, you should purge expired records when possible and retain only those documents required.

Ever wish you had a cheat sheet that explained what documents to keep – and when to toss them? Well, you’ll find one below! If you have questions about your company’s compliance with maintaining or purging immigration files, please contact us for assistance.

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