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Lawsuit Threats from Movie Mogul Weinstein: Are They Real?

Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein’s decades-long pattern of offensive conduct has been widely reported. Both before and after the New York Times published its articles, his attorneys threatened to sue the Times for defamation. It’s hard to imagine how that is a credible threat. Mr. Weinstein admitted that some of his conduct has caused pain to his colleagues. His statement in the newspaper included this: “I appreciate the way I’ve behaved with colleagues in the past […]

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The Difference Between Fake News and a Media Error: What We Can Learn from Las Vegas and Tom Petty

Fake news. Like the tale of the Trojan Horse, the idea has been around a long time. Only today, fake news moves at light speed. And if we aren’t careful, fake news can deceive us just like the story says the Trojans were tricked centuries ago. Consider two recent examples of false reporting: premature stories of rocker Tom Petty’s death and intentionally misleading reports of the Las Vegas shooters’ connection to ISIS and left-wing politics. […]

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