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Immigration Success Story: Employment-Based EB-2

Employment-Based Green Card for Physical Therapist We regularly help clients in petitioning for permanent resident status (“green card”) for their employees with specialized knowledge and advanced degrees. This month, we are highlighting the success story of a Doctor of Physical Therapy who was able to obtain a green card. Previously, we worked to prepare H-1B petitions for him on behalf of his employer. We were very happy to learn that his employer, a highly successful […]

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Immigration Success Stories: U.S Naturalized Citizens

Four Clients with Challenging Backgrounds Become U.S. Naturalized Citizens in August  Each one of these clients has their own amazing story of persistence, hard work, and patriotism. Here, I will highlight two of these extraordinary cases.

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Need Help Filing for an L-1A Visa? We’ve Had Success!

We’ve shared many success stories on the blog and website, but we have a new one to share with you. Visit our site to learn more about how we successfully assisted a client with the I-129 petition needed to secure his L-1A visa in China. Full story here.

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Korean Judo athlete wins “green card” case as a coach

USCIS denied the petition of a renowned Korean Judo athlete seeking a “green card” as a result of his extraordinary abilities to coach other athletes. However, the court overturned the USCIS’ decision. The court decided that in certain cases the athlete’s area of expertise could properly encompass both athletic competition and coaching other athletes.    The court found that coaching is within an athlete’s area of expertise if the individual’s national or international athletic acclaim was recent and he or she sustained that acclaim upon […]

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Immigration Success Story

Success Story: Taking Advantage of AC21 sec. 104(c) – Efficient preparation led our client to obtain three years in H-1B status   Section 104(c) permits three year extensions of H-1B status to those who are beneficiaries of an approved I-140, Employment Based (EB) petition, but cannot apply for adjustment of status because their priority date is not current. Our client was in F-1/OPT status and had an approved I-140, and had used six years of H-1B status. […]

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