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Five Tips for Safe Summer Travel Overseas

With the summer here and the dollar strengthening against the Euro, many Americans are planning to spend their vacations traveling overseas. Over the next months, I’ll bring you a series of helpful tips you may want to follow to ensure your trip is enjoyable, relaxing and incident-free. Here are the first five in our series: #1 – Know Before You Go…Read More  #2 – Register With the State Department…Read More #3 – Know Customs Rules […]

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Summer Travel Tips, Tip #5

Don’t Become a Victim Take precautions to keep yourself from becoming a victim of crime overseas.  Don’t wear expensive jewelry or carry large amounts of cash.  Make ground transportation arrangements prior to your departure through your hotel’s concierge or an official kiosk at the airport.  Carry money and personal documentation, like your plane tickets and passports, close to your person.  Purses and wallets are easy targets for criminals. Never leave your baggage unattended in public […]

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Tips to Applying for an E Visa

With the U.S. economy still recovering from the recession, foreign investors have tremendous opportunity in the U.S. markets for their investment dollars.  As a result, the Treaty Trader (E-1) and Treaty Investor (E-2) visas have become popular options for foreign nationals wishing to live and work in America. I have been able to assist many individuals in the application process for an E Visa and have a few suggestions and information relating to the E-1 or E-2 […]

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Summer Travel Tips, Tip #4

Here’s another tip in our series of helpful advice to making your visit overseas this summer relaxing, safe and enjoyable. Pack Only What You Need When traveling to a foreign country, knowing what to pack can be a challenge.  A good rule of thumb is to take the time to leave behind anything you would hate to see lost or stolen like expensive jewelry, your Social Security Card, and unnecessary credit cards.  However, you should […]

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Summer Travel Tips, Tip #3

Know Customs Rules and Restrictions Before departing, learn about the rules and restrictions of your foreign destination as well as those of the U.S.  Many countries have regulations about the types and quantities of items you are allowed to bring with you such as food, medications, and pets.  The U.S. also has tight regulations on the items you can bring home.  Before you buy that souvenir, check to ensure that it is allowed into the […]

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Summer Travel Tips, Tip #2

Continuing in our series of tips for overseas travel this summer, here’s something useful you may not have known. Register with the State Department The Department of State (DOS) offers a free service for U.S. citizens which allows you to register your overseas itinerary and travel plans with them.  The program also provides travelers with the most current information and alerts about destination countries, and allows the DOS to better assist you in case of […]

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