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October Visa Bulletin Released

There was a slight forward movement in most of the employment and family-based categories. All EB-5 visa categories, including China, are current. The increased visa demand requires holding the India EB-2 preference date at May 1, 2009, to keep usage within the FY2015 annual limit, and DOS has advised that India EB-2 is likely to retrogress to 2005 sometime soon. Those eligible to apply for adjustment based on the current priority dates should plan to do it soon before […]

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Best Life Tips: Keep Cool in Hot Weather

We are in the midst of the dog days of summer in Florida. The sun and heat sometimes discourages outdoor workouts. Don’t let the heat discourage you from staying active and healthy.   Learn about exercising safely in the heat and continuing to enjoy the outdoors.  I’m currently training for a marathon that will take place at the end of September and have adapted my training to accommodate the heat including getting up very early, staying […]

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September Visa Bulletin Released

The Department of State’s Visa Bulletin for September 2014 has been released.  This Bulletin includes the family and employment preference numerical limits for FY2014.  The cut-off dates for most family-based categories and employment-based, second-preference India have advanced for the month of September.  The cut-off dates for employment-based, third preference and Other Worker categories for the Philippines have also rapidly advanced. Click here to read the Visa Bulletin.

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Best Life Tips: It’s Never Too Late To Start

Have you ever considered endurance training but thought you were too old to start? Well, close down your computer and lace up your running shoes. Research states that a person who engages in intensive endurance training receives benefits of the heart even if the training started relatively late in life. Click here to read more.

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July Visa Bulletin is Released

The employment-based, second preference category for India jumped forward from November 15, 2004, to September 1, 2008. There also is forward movement in most other categories. Click here to read the entire bulletin.

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Best Life Tips:

Sitting has been found to be as dangerous to our long-term health as much as tobacco use and yet most of us spend a significant part of our days sitting. Chairs are modern tools that force our bodies into unnatural slumped-over positions for dangerously periods of times.  As a result, we are getting gradually weaker, gaining weight and becoming more susceptible to diabetes, heart disease and depression. A 2013 survey of 30,000 women found that those […]

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