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Meeting Florida Senator Marco Rubio

Speaking at a recent Jacksonville’s Rotary Club meeting, Florida Senator Marco Rubio was not at a loss for words as he spoke about his  disapproval for the affordable care act also known as ‘Obamacare’ to the citizens of Jacksonville. He also highlighted the need for immigration reform, a subject featured by me in my blogs, newsletters and public speaking engagements. Click here to see a photo

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Department of Justice Release Discrimination Video

The  Department of Justice (DOJ) signed an agreement with the National Labor Relations Board to better coordinate and share information over potential employment discrimination practices. At the same time, the DOJ released an educational video about discrimination in employment eligibility verification. The video is intended to a provide information to employers avoid charges of employment discrimination relating to the employment verification Form I-9 process and E-Verify.  The video addresses issues often encountered during the verification […]

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Termination Upheld Following E-Verify Non-confirmation

In another matter regarding E-Verify,  an employee filed a document abuse and discrimination claim against his employer after he was terminated based on an E-Verify final nonconformation (FNC) notice.   The employer attempted to resolve the TNC which occurred as result of an inconsistency on the status of the employee’s citizenship (the employee noted on Form I-9 and insisted during meetings with employer, that he is a U.S. Citizen when in fact he is a legal permanent resident (LPR) which created a record mismatch). […]

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E-Verify : Employee’s Tentative Nonconfirmation Email Notifications

When an employee provides an email address on the new Form I-9, employers using E-Verify must enter it into the E-Verify system.  The government is using this email to notify employees of three situations: 1) that a tentative nonconfirmation (TNC) or record mismatch has occurred during their employment verification process and needs to be resolved;  2) that the employer referred the TNC case to DHS or SSA as a result of the employee’s decision to contest the TNC and the employee […]

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Giselle Carson Featured in Florida Times Union

Giselle Carson was quoted in an article in  Sunday, August 4th edition of the Florida Times Union discussing the potential lift of the Cuban embargo and its impact on Jaxport. Click here to read the article.

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Gay Married Man in Florida Becomes First to Receive Approved Immigrant Petition After DOMA Decision

A Bulgarian immigrant, who had been living and studying in the U.S. for many years in order to preserve his documented status, was having dinner with his American husband Friday when they received notice that USCIS had approved his immigrant or “green card” petition.  Traian Popov became the first immigrant of a same sex marriage to receive this approval since the Supreme Court’s decision striking Section 3 of DOMA last week.  The Court’s recognition of same […]

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