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New Immigration Reform Proposal Could Affect Every Part of Current Policy

Author: John Crawford

Who Should Receive a Copy of My Estate Plan?

After clients have executed all their estate planning documents, a couple of the most common questions we receive are: “Where do I keep them?” and “Should I give a copy of all of this to my family?” These seem like innocuous questions, but there are important issues to consider. Where do I keep my estate planning documents? When you leave our office after signing your documents, you will have a folder containing two originals of […]

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IRS Provides Help for Those Impacted by Hurricane Irma

As we work to recover from Hurricane Irma, the IRS and Congress have provided some help in the form of extensions for filing returns and paying taxes as well as significant tax relief measures that recently became law. Among other things, these provisions include: New employment-related tax credits, Increased and more widely available tax deductions for personal casualty losses, Favorable changes to the rules regarding early withdrawals from retirement plans, An increase in the amount […]

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What to Expect in Your Estate Planning Meeting

Okay, you’ve taken the big step and made an appointment for a free consultation with us. What should you be prepared to discuss when we meet? First, we will ask you some basic information about your assets, liabilities, and family. We are not being nosey. This information will help us make a recommendation. For example, we’ll need to ascertain: Whether you might be subject to federal or state inheritance taxes; How much of your estate […]

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What’s Often Forgotten When the Kids Go Off to College

It’s that time of year across the nation. College students have moved into their dorms, set up class schedules, made friends, and, of course, are thinking about football. Parents, on the other hand, are focused on more practical priorities, such as making sure financial aid is in place and tuition bills are paid. However, there’s a very important item most people don’t think to put on their college checklist – having their adult child execute a […]

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Post-Irma Recovery: 8 Steps to Protect Yourself Legally

I watched the destruction caused by Hurricane Irma from a distance, but not without pain. My residence was underwater, and neighbors and pets who stayed behind were evacuated by boat, one by one. Obviously, there is much to do, but what is key from the legal side? I can share with you the eight things in my mind this week as I deal with this “inconvenience.” 1. Contact your insurance agents. Reach out to your […]

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What to Consider When Planning for Natural Disaster

Our hearts and prayers go out to the hundreds of thousands of people whose lives have been devastated by Hurricane Harvey. The devastation is almost inconceivable, and we often like to think that crises like this are isolated incidents that won’t happen to us. In Florida, we know that how well you weather a storm depends on how ready you are beforehand. However, personal and financial emergencies come in many forms, not just natural disasters, […]

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