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New Immigration Reform Proposal Could Affect Every Part of Current Policy

Author: John Crawford

What Is a Letter of Intent?

A Letter of Intent is a non-legal document that is quickly becoming a popular way to summarize and/or supplement your estate plan for those you leave behind. Essentially, it’s a letter from you to your personal representative/trustee and/or beneficiaries discussing your personal thoughts that resulted in your estate plan as well as any personal wishes to be considered in implementing your plan. While not a legally binding document, a letter of intent is a blueprint […]

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What You Need to Know about Florida Homestead Protection

When it comes to asset protection, there is nothing stronger than Florida’s homestead exemption. Florida’s constitution provides that your homestead is exempt from “forced sale” from any court. What does that mean? Creditors (other than someone to whom you voluntarily give a lien against your home, such as the lender on your home mortgage) cannot levy and execute on any judgment against property that qualifies as your homestead. What’s Protected? Our constitution grants protection for […]

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FAQs About Trusts—“Can I do this?”

Even though the term “trust” is used frequently, few people understand the terminology and technicalities of trusts until they are faced with one. What Is a Trust? A trust is a legal relationship between two parties: the person who creates the trust (the grantor/settlor) and the person (or institution/trust company) responsible for managing the trust, the Trustee. Under the arrangement, the Trustee manages the trust assets for the benefit of beneficiaries under the trust. Trusts […]

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Tax Breaks That Help YOU While You Help Your Parents

Over 17 million people in the United States are actively taking care of their elderly parents, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Providing that care is important—but it can be costly. One study concluded that an average family spends $140,000 over time when caring for an elderly family member. However, an unlikely friend, the IRS, provides four tax breaks that will help with the financial burden of elderly care. 1. The Dependent Tax Credit […]

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Document Retention – A Refresher

It’s now May, and you’re five months into your New Year’s resolution to get your estate in order. You’re feeling pretty good because checklist looks something like this: ☒ Discuss estate planning options with attorney. ☒ Execute your last will and testament, revocable trust, and other estate planning documents. ☒ Update/change ownership on your accounts. ☒ Update beneficiary designations. ☒ Complete a vital information workbook, including assets/debts to assist your family in administering your estate. […]

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Should You Discuss Your Estate Planning with Your Beneficiaries in Advance?

When finished executing their estate planning documents, our clients very often exhale a sigh of relief. They exclaim how happy they are to, “have all of this over with”. We certainly understand their feelings. It can be daunting, to say the least, to work on your estate plan, deciding who will inherit what and who will manage and distribute your assets after you pass away. In fact, it can be downright stressful trying to determine […]

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