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What in the World Is GatorCheats and Why Did They Just Agree to Pay $2M?

Even if you do not play video games, you probably know that the video game industry makes a lot of money. It is quite likely that you also have a sense that the content in video games falls under copyright protection. What you might not realize, however, is that cheating at video games is also a huge business… and its legality is highly questionable. Businesses that make money creating various kinds of video game cheats […]

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Adding a New Aesthetic or Expression Is Not Necessarily Transformative

In 1981, photographer Lynn Goldsmith did a photoshoot with Prince while on assignment for Newsweek. While those images were never published, Vanity Fair licensed one of them in 1984 for an illustration by Andy Warhol. Mr. Warhol ultimately used the photo to create 16 different works. Goldsmith, however, did not even learn about them until 2016, when Vanity Fair published them — without giving her credit — following Prince’s death.  As a preemptive measure, The […]

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