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Giselle Carson’s Interview with Cox Radio 

Giselle was recently interviewed by Clarence Natto on Jacksonville’s First Coast Forum and answered questions about business immigration, focusing particularly on the changes to the H-1B cap season this year. Listen to the interview.

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Recipes and the Trouble with Copyright Protection

Are you starting a new restaurant based on some family recipes? Or selling fresh baked goods based on a recipe you created? Are you thinking about how to protect that recipe so no one else will copy or steal it?  Make sure you educate yourself on how best to protect your recipe. A recipe is considered “a mere listing of ingredients” and is not protected under copyright law. However, if the recipe is accompanied by […]

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Honored to Celebrate 15 Years Working with Thyra Newby

Thyra Newby has been working with me at Marks Gray for 15 years, and we don’t know what we’d do without her. I’m both thankful and privileged to have such a dedicated, talented and caring rock star on our immigration team. Thank you, Thyra, and happy 15th work anniversary!

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Paparazzi Sues J-Lo for Posting Photo on Instagram

Jennifer Lopez recently shared a photo of herself and soon-to-be husband Alex Rodriguez holding hands in front of a New York restaurant. The problem? The photo did not belong to her.  Although we usually see celebrities suing the paparazzi, in an odd twist, the photographer who took the picture is the party filing suit this time. In fact, this isn’t the first time the “paps” have sued a celeb, and it certainly won’t be the […]

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New I-9 Form Now Available

The new Form I-9 was made available for use starting January 31, 2020, and employers can start using it now. However, you are not required to start using it until the grace period ends on May 1, 2020. Some of the general changes to note: USCIS website addresses have been updated Which documents are acceptable for Form I-9 has been clarified Who can act as an employer’s authorized representative has been clarified You can read […]

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USCIS Guidance on Retrogressed Green Card Applications

Over the last year, immigrant visas have gone back and forth between being available and retrogressing. There are still many unanswered questions as to what this situation means for Adjustment of Status applicants, but USCIS has finally provided some answers.  Some of the most important information USCIS has released includes: What information can a regressed applicant expect to receive after their interview? So long as the officer determines that the Form I-485 would be approved […]

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