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So You Want To Register Your Trademark: What Do You Need Before You Begin

“I want to trademark my logo, what do I need to do?” This is a common question we hear from potential clients.  My first inclination is to let the potential client know that the logo, if it is being used in commerce to identify the source of a company’s goods and services, is already considered a trademark. We need to register the trademark with either the State and/or the United States Patent and Trademark Office […]

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Why Is the I-94 So Important?

Simply put, an I-94 record contains all of the most important information related to a nonimmigrant’s stay in the United States, including detailing how long they can remain in the country and what kinds of things they can do while here.  Moreover, it serves as proof of their lawful admission to the United States. If this form contains errors that aren’t noticed until too late, the person holding it and their employer can find themselves […]

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Why Strategic Preparation for New H-1B Cap Filings Is Needed Pre-Registration

This year, significant changes to the H-1B cap-subject application process are expected to go into effect. There are still many unknowns, a high likelihood of RFEs, and a very tight deadline. For the highest chance of success, it is crucial to begin strategic preparation before registration and be ready to file soon after filing opens. Here are a few reasons why. To facilitate work authorization and adjudication by October 1st.  H-1B registration will occur in […]

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The Outlook on Immigration in 2020

Forbes did a fairly comprehensive report on what to expect on immigration this year – from H-1B adjudications and policy changes related to H-4s and L-1s to worksite enforcement. Here are some highlights of what to expect: The high rate of H-1B RFEs and denials will continue. USCIS’s new registration filing system will result in more filings. New rules and regulations will continue to restrict legal immigration. A rule to prevent H-1B visa holders’ spouses […]

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Webinar: Preparing for the 2020 H-1B Season

It’s that time of the year! The 2020 H-1B Cap Season is upon us, and this year is shaking out to be the most uncertain one to date. Sign up for our webinar on Jan. 30. This webinar will break down: the new registration process, the H-1B cap process, current challenges,  tips for navigating those challenges and more. It will take place on Thursday, January 30 from 2-3 pm. Mark your calendars, and be on […]

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Court Finds Goats on a Roof Are Not Offended by Trade Dress Registration Depicting…Well, Goats on a Roof

When a New York attorney found a long-standing Sister Bay, WI, restaurant’s trade dress demeaning to goats, he filed a petition to cancel the trade dress registration with the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB). Specifically, he stated that the trade dress registration denigrated the value of the “dignity and worth of animals.”  The TTAB ruled that Mr. Bank did not have standing to bring the Petition. So Mr. Bank appealed to The Court of […]

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