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A Tale of Tasty Tacos Shows the Importance of a Strong Trademark

Tasty tacos. It is a meal people enjoy eating… and now it’s making trademark history.  This story is an excellent lesson in why a business should choose a strong trademark and not a merely descriptive trademark. In 1961, Richard and Antonia Mosqueda opened Tasty Tacos, Inc., a Mexican restaurant that became known for high-quality Mexican food in Des Moines, Iowa. They registered the trademark, TASTY TACOS, with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) […]

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Turning Courtroom Discontent Into Raw Social Media Hostility in the Digital Public Square Gets Florida Attorney Nowhere

Since February 27, Florida lawyer Ashley Ann Krapacs has been suspended from practicing law in the state until further notice. She claims First Amendment protection.  The Florida Bar and Supreme Court of Florida point out that even the First Amendment has limits, and especially so when attorneys licensed by the state engage in threatening or demeaning speech. Unhappy with the results of a case, she reportedly launched an “attack of massive and continuous proportions” via […]

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Energized and Grateful!

We always feel so energized by our incredibly thoughtful clients. This kind and surprising card is just one example. We appreciate you being with us on this journey! Thank you!

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Is a New H-1B Registration System Really Coming Next Year?

Short answer: maybe? Rumors have been swirling for a little while now that USCIS will have a new electronic registration system for H-1B applications starting in the FY2021 cap filing season.  But USCIS hasn’t confirmed anything. So AILA, along with 14 business, higher education, and HR associations, sent a letter to USCIS asking for clarity on the issue.  Their response?  According to The Mercury News, Ken Cuccinelli, Acting Director of USCIS, said that ultimately the […]

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Tips to Complete Form I-983 for the F-1 STEM OPT Extension

Are you an employer of a future STEM OPT student or a future STEM OPT student? Here are tips for completing the required Form I-983 and the training plan. Read on.

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ICE Is Conducting STEM OPT Visits

The ICE visit is typically announced via email to the managers who oversee STEM OPT workers. The email gives two days’ notice that ICE will be making a site visit. Typically, these visits have been taking around one to two hours, with an ICE officer questioning both the employer and any student workers. Things you should be prepared to talk about include: How the STEM OPT employee’s salary was determined What makes this a valid […]

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