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FAQs about the Cap-Gap and H-1B Petitions Still Pending Adjudication

Are you and your employees still waiting for a cap-subject H-1B petition adjudication? You are not alone. Foreign nationals and their employers have been facing more uncertainty, scrutiny, and challenges over the last two years. Since filings currently cannot be upgraded to premium processing, we may be waiting well beyond September 30, 2018 for USCIS to complete the adjudication of these pending petitions. Here are answers to FAQs to help you and your employees plan […]

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From a Dictatorship to the Home of the Brave

As a two-time immigrant, Giselle knows the process from both sides. She recently shared her immigration story with the non-profit Generation W. Read her story.

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Tips for Business Owners: Carefully Select and Protect Trademarks

A trademark identifies a product’s source. It helps customers differentiate your business from competitors. If you develop a good reputation, customers know they can trust products bearing your trademark. Service marks are close cousins to trademarks and serve a similar purpose. They just identify the source of services, instead of goods. But not all logos or business names qualify for registration with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and the accompanying protections. Consider […]

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Flowchart of O-1A Process

The O-1A is a work visa for those with extraordinary achievement in science, education, business, or athletics. Download a PDF of the flowchart.  

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Shareholder Michael D. Kendall Wins Workers’ Compensation Case

Marks Gray, P.A. shareholder and the chair of the workers’ compensation department,  Michael D. Kendall,  received a judgment in favor of his client, a local hospital.  The hospital employee was involved in a work-related incident and the employer provided the employee with appropriate medical treatment related to the incident.  The employee subsequently sought additional benefits for medical conditions that the employer believed were unrelated to the work accident.  The employer denied the additional benefits and the […]

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FIU Bridge Collapse: Do Public Records Stop Being Public Records When There’s an Investigation?

The FIU bridge collapse this past March was a terrible tragedy. Investigators are still trying to piece together what happened to prevent another such occurrence in the future. As a part of this, FDOT has been working with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), providing them with documentation regarding the construction of the bridge. While those two organizations have been conducting their investigation, the press has been reporting on it and updating the public on […]

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