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Want to Know What to Expect for Your H-1Bs in 2019?

A reversed lottery. Massive registration pre-filing. Visas for the highest paid. Be aware! The Department of Homeland Security’s latest regulatory agenda includes some big potential changes for H-1B visas. And they didn’t stop with those mentioned above. There may be changes to work authorization for certain spouses. New definitions for “specialty occupation” and other key terms. Restricted access to court. And more! The lottery may no longer be random. And we don’t know what it […]

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Tips for Business Owners: What to Do After Discovering Infringement of Your IP – Part 1: Evaluation

Your business’s intellectual property is a valuable asset that is vital to protect. This means actively monitoring for its unauthorized use. If you discover possible infringement, you may wonder what you should do next. Although exact plans of action will vary slightly based on the particular circumstances, there are three consistent steps to the process: evaluation, consultation and, finally, taking legal action. Evaluation To determine if infringement occurred, you must first determine if your material […]

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The Marks Gray Immigration Team in the Community: Gabriela at Riverside Pride

Gabbie recently participated in Riverside Pride with Baptist Hospital to support a friend.  

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Tips for Business Owners: The Fewer Resources You Have, The More You Need to Plan

For many start-ups and existing small businesses, funding and resources are tight, so they necessarily take great care when deciding where to invest their money. However, one place that many businesses unfortunately overlook is planning for and protecting their intellectual property (IP). The value of IP in the US has been estimated as being around $10-$15 trillion. And when assessing the value of IP for your company, it may mean the difference between big-time success […]

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